What Living with Depression is Really Like

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Living with depression can be very heavy. Like walking with an extra weight on top of your shoulders. It’s not like the kind of fog after a winters night, or a heavy rain fall, it’s something you carry with you. Something that clouds your mind, so you can’t think straight. A cloud no one else can see, and only you seem to be fighting your way through. The only voices able to be heard over it in your head are the ones that second guess you.
Almost everyone with depression will tell you they wish they could be healthy, but depression can make you feel so intensely or even nothing at all. It’s not as simple as deciding just get healthy. Each person wants to learn to over come this demen, this black dog. It can seem that every time you make some kind of head way, it drags you back in. Sometimes there are moments of clarity, but reality doesn’t seem to connect. You run around in circles, but eventually you crash. Feeling like you racing towards your last steps. You want to wake up and not be like this anymore.
Everyone describes living with depression differently. How would you describe it? 

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