5 Simple Ways Music Changes Your Life

Music is a really powerful tool. It was used in the Vietnam war as a way to ‘taunt’ the Vietnamese soldiers, it also brings people together all over the world. There are also some simple ways that it changes out everyday life.

1. Music affects our emotions.

When we listen to a sad song, our mood tends to go down as well. We listen to happy songs, our mood increases. Songs with a strong beat, that are fast-paced (like those you’d hear at a night club) tend to make us feel excited and energised.

2. Music can clinically reduce stress.

Music, or really certain tones, have been scientifically proven been proven to reduce stress. It does this by altering brain patterns; much like yoga or meditation, bringing on what’s known as the ‘Alpha state’. The Alpha state is described by those who have utilise it as a deep state of relaxation. In this state the mind is totally stress-free and more open to problem solving.
3. Music is an form of expression for when our feelings are hard to put into words.

Many writers say that they listen to music when they write, as it gives them the inspiration and willingness to continue for hours. There have been many songs written by people who were unable to find the words to say something. Songs have also been used to generate support for causes such as band-aid. Music has given a voice to many people, and the word to many others who were unable to find them.

4. Music gives passion

Talk to any musician and they will tell you, music is passion. The expression that one gets from playing or singing your heart out as hard as they can make you feel amazing. It gives you confidence and pride of your hard work and achievement. You can connect to people from all cultures, country’s, background and religion all at the same time through your passion for music.

5. It gets you moving

People are always saying how important is it to be active. We all know in the real world it’s not that easy. We all like background noise while we cook dinner, or clean the house, or even getting ready in the morning. Dancing to music is fun, easy and you can do it while doing mundane tasks. Put in those headphone, turn up the radio and dance away. Who doesn’t like an easy way to boost mood and get your heart pumping at the same time?

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    1. Hi!
      Thank you for reading and commenting!
      You’ve been to so many beautiful places, I really want to travel, but travel blogs have to do it for me, I don’t have the recourses to go to all the nice places.
      You have just great humour! I should try and use something like that I’m my blog, although I think you’ll beat me out every time. You seem to have such a great contemporary grasp on the English language. Something I am working on.
      Keep up the great work!!


      1. Thanks a lot. I wish you a happy weekend and stop by more often you will have fun for sure. What do you think about my latest post. Leave a comment. I love to hear your opinion.


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