Introducing, Twisted and Turtoured.

I’m not okay (I promise)
This song by My Chemical Romance seemed fitting for my first post. I wanted to start this blog to show how music has helped me over come depression and anxiety, and help others by showing it’s worth continuing your story.
Music has always been a huge part of my life, when I was younger I hated being alone; I always needed someone near me, so when I showered or took baths I had music playing to keep me company. We danced around the house together, singing all our favourite songs at the time. When I went to high school and started gaining some independence, I found myself lost and feeling really alone. Although I was never able to admit it at the, I wasn’t okay with who I was. This song was actually the first song that caught my attention. This was back in the day before people would just download music free, no one really knew how to download music if you can believe such a thing. I heard it while listening to my friends original IPod shuffle, the ones you had to charge through the headphone jack. I bugged her for weeks before she burnt the entire album to a CD; but this song was my most listened to. While I’ve never broke my foot jumping out a second story floor, the song actually told me that even at that young age, that it was okay to not be okay. It really opened my mind up to question that the confusion and misplacement I felt. Maybe it was actually the normality people were trying to say I should aim for. Maybe not for everyone, but it was someone normal, and I wasn’t alone being that someone. Its these kinds of insecurities I wish to show are okay to experience; and music is one way to express or even relate the way your mind is clouded up to something bigger. I would love to connect to others that music has helped. Even if that’s questioning why someone boyfriend taking their photo was bad (of the naivety of youth) and realizing in time what the really means, and not letting that happen.
The success of this blog really means that I’ve reached at least one person. Let them know they are not alone, and there are people going through what they are, and struggling to cope and taking things one day at a time. I plan on doing this by reviewing music and individual songs. Sharing news and opinions about music and creating a community for people to join in.
This is just the beginning.


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